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Artist Statement:

I am a plein air landscape painter and potter. Inspired by light perception and color, I capture the landscape translating the ephemeral into something permanent. Common motifs in my work include water, flowers, the Chicago skyline and vignettes of Lake Michigan activity. I’m drawn to views that blend the natural and man-made worlds. I paint landscapes and also carve this imagery on clay. In clay-work, I use mishima techniques, glaze inlay, and paint glazes with various finishes to emphasize texture and surface of the vignettes. On both canvas and clay, I use line, gesture, and representational detailing that blur boundaries between function and ornament. Through preserving vignettes of ephemeral beauty, the work serves not only to be used and encountered in everyday being but also to offer escape from the tension of life.

Paintings low res-38.jpg


Christina is a Chicago-based painter, potter, and educator.  She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Her artwork highlights line, gesture, and representational detailing to blur boundaries between function and ornament.  Common motifs in her work include water, the Chicago skyline, and vignettes of Lake Michigan activity.  Beyond the studio, an integral part of her practice includes statuary restoration, as well as teaching art appreciation and painting workshops.  In 2017 she completed the FIELD/WORK Residency at Chicago Artist Coalition.  In 2019 she launched Two Squares Lake Effect Project, an ongoing plein-air painting series and dialogue that seeks to find common ground through natural beauty.  Currently, Christina manages her storefront studio, is a member at The Pottery Studio and teaches K-8 Art at Saint Mary of the Angels.

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