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Prints available from $68


Linger in the colors of this summer evening.


Limited Edition Prints Available 


$68 [8" x 10"] Giclee Canvas Print

  • Artisian Archival Canvas Board
  • Drymounted, White Backing


Prints will be available in May. All products must be picked up in-store. 


To request shipping, email Include your address in the email for printing estimates. Standard rates apply.


Prints will ship in 7-14 business days, extra shipping time may be required during high frequency print season.


- - - - - - - - - 

While kayaking on Flathead Lake, I was pierced by the beauty and colors of this summer evening.  The air was warm.  The water was still.  


Undisturbed by other boaters or by gleeful shrieks echoing from the shore, I had a seemingly private encounter with nature.  The kayak bobbed gently on brilliant yellows, blues, and purples.  Colors on the water and in the sky, trailed the sun as it slipped behind the mountain range.  


Trail the impression of that evening, working your way through its brilliance, one brush stroke at a time.

Limited Edition Prints -Lavender Sunset

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